A List of All Free Offers - Fun and Satisfying

Try out our free eCards, media players, virtual fireworks, and more for yourself. Experience the excitement by viewing demo videos and giving our eCards a test run. Scratching off the eCards and watching the demo videos is not only fun, but also incredibly satisfying. Find out and enjoy other free offers, too!

eCards Demo Videos

Streaming Media and Scene Player/Changer-Jazz with Scenes

Listen to Jazz, enjoying the various scenes either in bright mode or dark mode with darkroom flashlight effect.

Virtual Fireworks: Play for Fun! - Auto-Demo or Manual

Switch between modes (auto/manual) at any time. Watch auto-fireworks or take control and set them off manually. Play with ease using your mouse or fingertips.


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Read Our blog articles. We are sharing all kinds of stories from various topics. Our blog articles will help you get useful infomation and be more fun with the fun and satisfying contents.

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