Scratch off the card to reveal the content.

Hi Customer,

This digital card is one of our sample ecards for demonstration purposes.


Gently scratch off the card's surface in continuous movement from left to right with your mouse or a fingertip. The hidden content will start showing up when about 80% of the progress is made. To play the video on the card, make sure to completely peel off the card.

How to Purchase

Purchase our e-card with "Custom-Image" or "Custom-Video" as a style. Then provide your own image file or image link in jpg, png, or gif format. For a video e-card, provide a shareable link from online file storage or from a video streaming site such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc. The scratchable surface image is not replaceable.

Add Personal Message

You can optionally add your personal message to your e-card. It will appear in the text box like ours on this demo card. Please leave your message in the Note box at checkout or email it to us later.

Privacy Protection

We will never sell or share your private information and personal messages with anyone. And your eCards will not be indexed by any search engines like Google and Bing. Shop Now