The Sneaky Snake

The Sneaky Snake

Once upon a time, in a dense jungle lived a sneaky snake. He was a small green snake, but he was very clever and cunning. The other animals in the jungle feared him because he was known to be very sneaky and always up to no good.

The Snake's Plan

One day, the sneaky snake decided that he wanted to steal a basket of juicy mangoes that the monkeys had collected. He knew that the monkeys were very protective of their fruit and would never let anyone take it. But the sneaky snake was determined, and he came up with a plan.

The Plan in Action

The next morning, the sneaky snake slithered over to where the monkeys had put their basket of mangoes. He then started to make strange noises, like he was in pain. The monkeys heard the noise and came over to investigate. When they saw the snake lying on the ground, they felt sorry for him and went closer to see if they could help.

As soon as the monkeys were within reach, the sneaky snake sprang up and bit one of them on the tail. The monkey screamed in pain, and the other monkeys started to panic. While they were all distracted, the sneaky snake quickly slithered away with the basket of mangoes.

The Snake's Escape

The sneaky snake thought he had gotten away with it, but little did he know that the wise old owl had seen everything. The owl knew that the sneaky snake was up to no good, so he decided to teach him a lesson.

The next day, when the sneaky snake was slithering around the jungle looking for his next victim, he suddenly felt something wrap around his tail. It was the wise old owl, who had caught him in a trap.

The Owl's Lesson

The sneaky snake was terrified and begged the wise old owl to let him go. The owl said he would only let him go if he promised never to be sneaky again. The sneaky snake promised to be good and never to cause trouble again.

From that day on, the sneaky snake lived a changed life. He no longer tried to steal from the other animals in the jungle, and he became known as a helpful and trustworthy snake.


And so, the sneaky snake learned his lesson and became a better animal. He realized that being sneaky and causing trouble would only bring him trouble in the end. From then on, he lived happily with all the other animals in the jungle, and they all lived happily ever after.


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