The Busy Bee

The Busy Bee

Once upon a time, in a beautiful garden, there lived a little bee named Benny. Benny was a very hardworking bee who loved his job. He would fly from one flower to another, collecting nectar and pollen to bring back to the hive.

Benny's Routine

Every day, Benny would wake up early and fly out of the hive to start his day. He would visit the flowers one by one, buzzing around them as he collected nectar. Benny loved the sweet taste of nectar and would always make sure to collect enough for the hive.

The Lazy Bees

Benny noticed that some of the other bees in the hive were not as hardworking as he was. They would sleep in late and would not go out to collect nectar until much later in the day. Benny tried to encourage them to work harder, but they just shrugged him off and said, "Why work so hard when we can just relax and enjoy life?"

The Flower Competition

One day, a new flower bloomed in the garden, and all the bees were excited to visit it. Benny knew that this flower was a rare find and that every bee in the garden would want to collect nectar from it. So, he decided to wake up even earlier than usual to get to the flower before anyone else.

The Big Storm

As Benny was collecting nectar from the rare flower, a big storm suddenly hit the garden. The wind was strong, and the rain was pouring down. Benny knew that he needed to get back to the hive as quickly as possible, or he would be stuck in the storm.

The Rescue

As Benny was flying back to the hive, he noticed that some of the other bees were caught in the storm. They were struggling to fly against the strong wind and rain. Benny knew that he needed to help them, so he flew down to them and led them to the safety of the hive.

The Lesson

After the storm, all the bees in the hive were grateful to Benny for his bravery and hard work. They realized that working hard was important, not just for themselves but for the whole hive. Benny's hard work and dedication had saved the lives of some of the other bees.

From that day on, the other bees started to work harder and appreciate the importance of their job in the hive. Benny had shown them the true value of being a busy bee.


So the lesson we can learn from Benny is that hard work and dedication can bring great rewards. When we work hard and do our best, we can make a big difference in the world around us, just like Benny did for his hive. So let us always strive to be busy bees and make the world a better place.


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