Who is My Favorite Ottoman Sultan Before Mehmed II?

Who is My Favorite Ottoman Sultan Before Mehmed II?

I took some time to research about sultans and have finally made my decision. My favorite Ottoman Sultan that came before Mehmed II is none other than Bayezid I, also known as Bayezid the Thunderbolt.

Now, you may be wondering why I would choose a Sultan with such a fierce nickname. Well, for starters, Bayezid I was known for his military conquests, which were swift and powerful, much like a thunderbolt. He expanded the Ottoman Empire's borders and secured their dominance in Anatolia.

But Bayezid I was not just a conqueror. He was also a patron of the arts, a lover of literature, and a philosopher. He was known to collect and support the work of poets and scholars, and even wrote poetry himself.

Now, as a philosopher myself, I can't help but appreciate Bayezid I's intellectual pursuits. He was known to be deeply interested in Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam, and was said to have engaged in philosophical discussions with scholars of various religions.

So, in short, Bayezid I was a fierce and powerful ruler who also had a love for the arts and a deep interest in philosophy. What's not to love? Plus, his nickname just sounds cool.


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