What Would the Most Infamous Conquerors Think?

What Would the Most Infamous Conquerors Think?

If all the most infamous and greatest conquerors from history were brought back to life, what would they think of their countries during modern times?

Let me take a humorous glimpse into their minds. They are all dead, so they wouldn't complain about what I am about to say acting as if I were them. So I wouldn't mind. Here they come:

  1. Genghis Khan: "Wow, my once mighty Mongol Empire has now become a land of smartphones and social media! I conquered with my horseback archers, but now it seems like people conquer with memes and hashtags. Times have certainly changed!"
  2. Julius Caesar: "Et tu, modern Rome? I thought my mighty Roman Empire would stand the test of time, but now it's all about fast cars and fast food. I guess 'Veni, Vidi, Venti' would be the new motto now!"
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte: "Mon Dieu! My Grande Armée has been replaced by drones and robots. France's borders have changed, but the croissants are still delicious. I wonder if I can still fit into my old uniform!"
  4. Alexander the Great: "Hephaestion, look at the size of these cities! My empire has expanded beyond my wildest dreams. But what's with all the traffic jams and skyscrapers? I preferred conquering with my trusty sword, not with urban planning!"
  5. Attila the Hun: "Hunbelievable! My once fierce Hunnic Empire is now a bustling globalized world. I used to plunder and raid, but now people do it online with cyber attacks. I miss the simplicity of the good old pillaging days!"
  6. Joan of Arc: "Sacré bleu! France has come a long way since my time. Women can now wear pants and even lead countries! My divine mission to save France seems to have inspired a lot of progress. Vive la femme!"
  7. Qin Shi Huang: "My Terracotta Army is still standing strong, but my mighty Qin Dynasty has evolved into a modern powerhouse. The Great Wall has grown even longer, and now there are high-speed trains running through it. I wonder if my quest for immortality is finally within reach!"

Hope you enjoyed my article! I really enjoyed imagining myself as the infamous conquerors from history.


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